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 of poverty, Xi believes, it is crucial to instill in them an aspiration to live better.▓From 1988 to 1990,▓ Xi was secretary of the CPC▓ Ningde Prefectural Committee in ▓Fujian."I saw Ningde a

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s a weak bird that needed t▓o make an early start, work with perseveranc▓e and not feel asha▓med of lagging ▓behind. Wo▓rk incessantly and it will eve▓ntually take on

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 a new look," Xi sa▓id.Some of Xi's speeches in Ningde were later compiled into

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▓ a book titled "Out of Poverty," which Xi said could serve as a guideline."For

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those in poverty, a lack of morale▓ will get them nowhere," Xi sa▓id."In the ba

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▓ed," Xi said, adding that secretaries of the CPC county committees or county▓ magistrates should work at the very frontline ▓and make

concrete efforts.Only with a down-to-ear▓th style and concre▓te efforts can cadres fulfill the promi▓ses of eliminating poverty made ▓to